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Early Years Syllabus

Our curriculum has been specifically designed for the Pre School and Year One Age Groups. Children will have the opportunity of developing all skills. In music and singing we will work on music games and action songs and matched movements in music. In drama we would look and develop role play , improvisation skills and movement games which will help develop creative expression. Each term will offer different areas of development within our syllabus and Children will also be involved with performances including our end of term performances and Winter Pantomime.


Early Years Development Scheme

Our Syllabus is based on our Early Years Development Scheme (Extracts below) the full scheme can be found on our Early Years Development Page.


Music Development

Music can aid memory development and information retrieval in preschool aged children. And, because children enjoy repetition, singing familiar songs and encouraging them to make music can also be greatly beneficial. Action songs, which incorporate drama by requiring children to move their hands or bodies to the music or make particular sounds, are particularly good.


Drama Development

Role-play is a drama technique that involves adopting a specific role such as a doctor or shop assistant. The child engaged in role-play does the things that a person carrying out that role would do including mimicking actions and dressing up. Role-play is the one drama technique that is of fundamental importance in the development of everday life skills.


Dance Development

Movement plays an essential part in the development of young children. Our Syllabus focuses on developing fundamental motor skills, spatial awareness and imagination and expression through movement. As movement is a part of everyday life refining it into a dance art form that can be enjoyed throughout everyday life whilst encouraging exercise and fitness at the same time is very beneficial to Early Years Development.


Read More on our Early Years Development Page.